Quantum technologies and computing

Oct 26, 2021
Mercure Lyon Centre Chateau Perrache, 69000 Lyon, France

Obtaining papers

  1. Adrien Suau, Gabriel Staffelbach, and Henri Calandra. “Practical Quantum Computing: Solving the Wave Equation Using a Quantum Approach”. ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing, vol. 2, 1, no. 2, February 2021. doi:10.1145/3430030. Free & legal access to published version.
  2. Same as above.
  3. Bravo-Prieto, C., LaRose, R., Cerezo, M., Subasi, Y., Cincio, L., and Coles, P. J., “Variational Quantum Linear Solver”, arXiv e-prints, 2019. arXiv:1909.05820.
  4. Adrien Suau and Gabriel Staffelbach and Aida Todri-Sanial, “qprof: a gprof-inspired quantum profiler”, arXiv e-print, 2021. arXiv:2106.07326.
  5. S. Niu, A. Suau, G. Staffelbach and A. Todri-Sanial, “A Hardware-Aware Heuristic for the Qubit Mapping Problem in the NISQ Era,” in IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering, vol. 1, pp. 1-14, 2020, Art no. 3101614, doi:10.1109/TQE.2020.3026544
  6. Siyuan Niu and Aida Todri-Sanial, “Enabling multi-programming mechanism for quantum computing in the NISQ era”, arXiv e-print, 2021. arXiv:2102.05321.

Paper about Shor’s algorithm cost on real hardware

  1. Craig Gidney and Martin Ekerå, “How to factor 2048 bit RSA integers in 8 hours using 20 million noisy qubits”, 2021. doi:10.22331/q-2021-04-15-433.
PhD student in Quantum Computing

I am a doctoral student currently involved in a PhD on quantum computing algorithms and how they can be applied to speed-up scientific computing.