hamiltonian simulation

Feedback on the first implementation of a quantum wave equation solver

In this poster I summarise the research I have done on QatHS, the quantum wave equation solver.

Solving linear systems on IBM quantum hardware

In this talk I explain the research path followed at CERFACS that brought us to solve linear systems of equations on IBM chips.

Practical Quantum Computing: solving the wave equation using a quantum approach

In the last few years, several quantum algorithms that try to address the problem of partial differential equation solving have been devised: on the one hand, “direct” quantum algorithms that aim at encoding the solution of the PDE by executing one …

Premiers développements Cerfacs sur QLM, un retour d’expérience

Présentation montrant les résultats obtenus par le solveur d'équation d'ondes quantique développé au CERFACS.

Advances in implementation of Hamiltonian Simulation algorithms - Application to the 1-dimensional wave equation

Presentation showing the results of my quantum wave equation solver.


Quantum Hamiltonian Simulation -- implementation of Hamiltonian Simulation algorithms