Privacy Policy

Quick description

The website is 100% self-hosted on my own server rented from OVH, located in France, and is fully static.

This website does not:

  1. Store cookies on your computer
  2. Track you (see below)

This website does:

  1. Use analytics to know from which source readers came from
  2. Try to limit as much as possible the amount of Javascript executed

About analytics

First important point: all the data collected is stored on my server locally. The raw data is only accessible by me and the aggregated data is available via my public Plausible instance available here.

In an attempt to know the number of visits on this website and what source made you come here, I decided to include a light analytics script. The information collected is detailled on Plausible website.

About comments

Comments are managed through Commento. The Commento server is self-hosted on the same server as this website, as well as all the data related to comments.

Other remarks

If you have any question about privacy, please send me a mail. I am not used to web in general, but I will do my best to answer you. If you spot any tracker or anything that seems to track you on this website (except the plausible.js file), I urge you to contact me with the details. I will check your claim and, if verified, remove the tracking part with no delay.