New year, new resolutions for this blog

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This is a short blog post to explain what you can expect to see in 2024 on this personnal blog.

More consistent schedule

Last year, I tried to be consistent and to make a series of blog posts on Partial Differential Equations (PDE) and their resolution on quantum computers:

  1. PDEs: what a nice hypercube you have here!
  2. PDEs: theses (physical) bounds are made for solvin’
  3. PDEs: theses (time) bounds are made for solvin’
  4. PDEs: All I want for Christmas is… my result!
  5. PDEs: I am variational, leave my ansätz alone!

These posts were supposed to be published weekly. I ended up abandonning the weekly schedule as writing down these posts was too time consumming.

This year, I will continue the series on PDEs (I have enough ideas for at least 4 more posts), but this time with a more realistic monthly schedule.

More diversity in the subjects

This blog will still be highly focused on quantum computing, but I want to share several subjects here. Among them, you will find

  • a continuation of the series of blog posts on PDEs and the challenges of implementing a quantum solver,
  • at least one blog post on the costs of abstractions, echoing the presentation I made during an IEEE meeting and explaining in more details the point I tried to defend in an earlier LinkedIn post,
  • probably another series of blog posts on my recent implementations in the field of quantum error correction.

As always, I will try my best to make the posts accessible to the greater number of people possible.

Note however that you should not expect any of the remaining blog posts on the PDEs series to be accessible to everyone. They will dive into more complex subjects and will require prior knowledge, or a certain ease with some mathematical concepts.

Of course, I am not unveiling everything here! So stay tuned 😉

You can now comment!

Some of you might have noticed that there is now the possibility to interact via comments below each blog post! This is the prefered way of interacting with the content, as your comments will be available to everyone reading the post.

Feel free to send me a mail or a message on LinkedIn if you feel like this method of interaction could be improved.

Also, in accordance with my values (see the previous blog post on analytics and the privacy policy of this blog), the commenting software backend and all your comments are self-hosted on the same server as this website. This means:

  • no third party tracking you on this blog,
  • no third party storing data about you.

For this month

I have been laser-focused on technical projects this January, and I am not sure to be able to write down a blog post for this month. Let’s say this one is the blog post of the month, and if my time permits it, I may write a second one. No promises though.

Adrien Suau
Adrien Suau
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