Upcoming blog post series on partial differential equations

Starting from next week, I publish a series of short blog posts on the challenges of solving partial differential equations using quantum technologies.

The movement depicted in this image is governed by the [wave equation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave_equation), a partial differential equation.
The movement depicted in this image is governed by the wave equation, a partial differential equation.

My aim is to make this series understandable by individuals that only have a little to no technical knowledge about quantum computing.

In particular, I will voluntarily not go into the scientific details of every statement made in this series. A follow-up series, targeted at people with more technical knowledge on quantum computing, will address these technical points in more details.

For the most technical people out there, I will likely write a research paper that properly introduces and justifies every statement, eventually.

See you next Thursday (2023/09/21) at 10AM (CET/UTC+2) for the first post of the series!

If you want to be notified when each post is out, you can add me on LinkedIn, I will do a LinkedIn post for each new blog post.
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