End of my experience at the LANL quantum computing summer school

You might not know it (in this case go have a look at my Experience section) but I have been accepted at the Los Alamos Quantum Computing Summer School for this year!

The summer school was held remotely due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation. It started the 7ᵗʰ of July 2021 and ended the 13ᵗʰ of August 2021.

During this summer school I worked with:

on a project involving quantum error characterisation and benchmarking. A report on arXiv will probably be out soon, and I will make a specific blog post on the scientific work at this time.

But in the meantime, I would like to thank all my the people listed above that mentored me during this summer school! It was a fantastic experience working with all of them and progressing during these 10 intensive weeks.

If you plan to apply on summer schools next summer, LANL quantum summer school should absolutely be on your list, you won’t regret it believe me!

For those reading this and interested in summer schools for next year, here are the different places I applied to:

  1. Los Alamos Quantum Computing Summer School.
  2. IBM Summer 2021 Quantum Internship (both Japan and US).
  3. Google Quantum Summer Internship (not publicly advertised, but they considered applications according to a tweet from one of the head researcher).
  4. Xanadu internship (look here in advance to check for new intern positions).
  5. Other applications I might not remember.
Adrien Suau
Adrien Suau
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